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How is Test Rail managing requirements and linking them to test cases?


Hello Warren,

it won’t be possible to manage requirements directly in TestRail, but you can link to requirements managed in another system (for example, in a Wiki or another web based tool) by including a link in the case’s description.

In my experience many teams already use other tools to manage requirements or user stories (often also in a bug tracker or other tools) and many users probably wouldn’t use such a (duplicate) functionality in TestRail.

However, we are of course open to all feedback and I don’t want to rule out that we might add such a functionality in the future.



I understand this is quite an old post however relevant to what I am looking for. I am evaluating TestRails for our organization. I have worked with TFS/Test Manager before and I really liked the feature of being able to link test cases to a user story. How this happens is, I create the test plan by extracting the User Stories from TFS, then the test cases are created against the extracted user stories. The beauty is that then the test cases will be automatically linked to the user story and the tester do not need to link the US for each test individually. It would be great if TestRails has a similar option to link the US to a test section/test suite where by all test cases created under that will automatically be linked to the user story (in JIRA, etc.) in my case we are using JIRA. could you please let me know whether there is such possibility in Test Rail? (rather adding US link to each test)



Thanks for your posting. User stories are linked on the test case level in TestRail and this provides the most flexible option in our experience. You can link user stories/requirements/features via the References field in TestRail. You can also quickly set the References field for multiple test cases via the bulk-edit feature (just check multiple cases, then click Edit > Edit Selected in the toolbar above the cases and change the References field).

The References field is also used for our (new) two-way JIRA integration:

The new integration is provided by a plugin on JIRA’s side and displays linked test cases as well as test results directly on the issue page.