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Requirements/references coverage against Milestones


I am currently evaluating TestRail and my experience has been almost entirely positive about the product.

The one gap is in the coverage of requirements (references) against test cases. I know that TestRail isn’t attempting to be a requirements management tool, but it would be fantastic if there were a way to import or specify a complete overall list of external references (ie. JIRA keys) for a particular milestone, and have additional reporting on the test case coverage of these references.

This way not only can I be sure that my references are tracked against test case passes and defects (as you already provide against the reference field on test cases), but also that my test cases have actually been written to cover all the references I needed for this milestone in my external system.

A small secondary request (that I see has already been requested, but please add my +1!) is that the same hover functionality available via the JIRA_REST defect integration be extended to requirements so that I can see core details when hovering over the reference ID.



Hello Sam,

Thanks for your feedback and great to hear that TestRail seems like a good fit! I’m happy to help with your questions:

  1. I have good news! TestRail comes with several dedicated reports for references and this also includes a reference/test cases coverage report (Cases > Coverage for References). This report also supports the use case you are looking for and you can simply use the “The following references only” option and then paste your list of JIRA issue IDs to the textbox (one issue per line). This will then generate a report with the JIRA issue coverage based on the test case References field.

  2. Added your vote to the feature request, thanks! It’s planned to look into this for one of the next TestRail versions.



Thank you for bringing that reporting feature to my attention - good to know.


You are welcome, Sam, and please let us know in case any questions come up. I can also recommend reviewing our training video on reports: