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Requirements links to testcases


Since this is a test case magagement tool, on e importan thing is to trace then or link them to requierements, is this possible?



Thanks for your posting. We don’t have a built-in requirement management module in TestRail, but you can link test cases to requirements stored in other tools via the References field:

You can for example link test cases to requirements stored in your tracker or Wiki software, for example. Adding a traceability/coverage report for test cases and references is also planned, but this could be added as a custom report in the meantime.



which Requirement Management Tool do you recommend?
Can you send a list of Requirement Management tools that TestRail can work with?

I didn’t find an example or a list of supported Requirement Management tools in any place in the documentation.



Hello Yossi,

Thanks for your posting! We can usually recommend regular issue trackers for tracking requirements as most teams already have an issue tracker in place and are therefore familiar with this tool. A very large part of our customers use TestRail in combination with JIRA and we have a very flexible and rich integration with JIRA:

You would automatically see details for requirements in TestRail when you hover over a requirement/issue ID, as well as see all case and result details for a requirement (issue) directly in JIRA: