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Requirements Integration


Can you please recommend a requirements tool that will integrate with TestRail?


Confluence + Jira with TestRail and you got the whole package you need for everything project related.


Hi Cynthia,

Yes, we also recommend using JIRA or Confluence and this would provide the best possible integration with TestRail:

I also summarized this a few minutes ago here (at the bottom):

I hope this helps!



Is it recommended to put requirements in Jira or Confluence? Currently I believe they are stored in Confluence.


Hi Cynthia!

If you don’t have a preference, we would usually recommend using JIRA because the integration with JIRA is the most flexible and advanced integration we offer for TestRail. The integration options allow for a full two-way integration down to the issue/case/test level which means that you can see and add JIRA issues directly in/from TestRail and also see test cases & results in JIRA:

That said, TestRail also integrates nicely with Confluence and you can link Confluence pages to test cases in TestRail via the References field:

In addition to that, the newest version of TestRail also supports showing dashboards and reports directly in Confluence: