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Require datewise report for test run execution


Someone please assist how to generate test execution report for daywise. we want to generate report in such a way, how many cases are executed for a day.

We tried with workload report and couldn’t achieve it.

Please assist in pulling datewise execution report (based on status wise)

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Gopal,

Thanks for your email! You can use the summary reports under the reports tab, and these would support setting filters for a specific timeframe. E.g. you can use the Project Summary report, and on the History and Activity tabs you can select ‘Today’ as the time frame value (or another custom time if needed). From there, you can generate the report and if you scroll to the ‘Activity’ section in the report you would be able to see the test execution for that day. You can also set these types of filters on the other summary reports as well, and anytime there is a Tests tabs you have the ability to select the ‘Tested On’ timeframe. So I would just recommend going through these and testing which report works best for you to get the data you need.

Hope this helps!