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Requested feature: persistent test-case URL


there have been several threads on case-ids changing when moving cases across project boundaries. While we need these to be persistent also, this thread is a request, if that doesn’t happen to provide a persistent URL so that we can link to the test-case (from jira for instance).

our test reporting structure mandates that we sort via projects and these projects move from time to time.

We need a way to persistently link to a test-case. permissions on projects could take care of the rest no matter if the case-id changes or not.



Hello Eric,

Thanks for your posting. Test case IDs (C##) do not change when moving them between test suite or projects. Or do you mean copying test cases instead? This will create new test cases and TestRail would automatically assign new IDs to those cases.



when “moving” test-cases to another project the caseID absolutely changes. i encourage you to try it and be dismayed. we’re currently jumping through hoops to work around this.
other forum threads on this state that it’s a “feature” because of permissions issues. :rolleyes:

of course there are obvious better ways to handle this while not changing the case-ID, but that’s separate thread. if the case ID isn’t persistent, we’d like a way to link to a case, no matter where it moves.
currently we can’t even link to a case via a custom field, if we tried to work around this.
and the API makes it very difficult to search for a custom field.
and there is no search API so that we could link to a search, either.


okay, we went back and tested this and @tgurock is absolutely correct. moving cases to another project does not change their IDs, it does however remove the case history. copying, of course, does change the ID, as i’d expect.
this issue can be closed, as we already have a persistent URI that will suit our needs.


Hello Eric,

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

The history is explicitly reset when moving test cases from one project to another and TestRail does this for permission reasons (since the history can contain confidential information that must not be seen by users of the other/destination project).