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Request: UI script making it required to attach a file if testcase fails


Hello everyone,

I allready mentioned it in this comment regarding the Option to filter for testruns with/without attachments.

Does anyone know a UI Script to specifically force an attachment if a testcase is set to Status = Failed?

I allready found various similar requests and even UI scripts covering my request, but for other fields.
(eg.: Required if != Pass)

Is it possible to remodel the above script to match my request?
-> Making attachments mandatory if a testcase is set to failed

Kind regards,


Hi Max,

Thanks for your posting. This is difficult and might not be forwards-compatible with future versions so we wouldn’t recommend a complex UI script like this. We are happy to look into this as a feature request and I can recommend the approach I described in the other thread to go failed tests quickly to check if they have attachments: