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Request to improve the "Section" filtering control for selecting test cases for test runs

We have a lot of folders (Sections) and to get the dynamic filter levels the way I need them, I need to manually select all the sections for the “Section” part of the filter. Unfortunately, you can’t just select a top-level section folder and have anything in the sub-folders ever get selected - you need to select them all individually. The tiny window that you select these in has the section levels made distinct by only a single character indent. Combine these two, and you can just about go blind trying to find and select the different folders you need for the Section field. I haven’t run reports in a long time, but I recall it operating in a similar way. This specific time was while trying to use the new “Dynamic Filtering” to create test runs.

Would be ideal if the tree on the left could be used as the sections in the filter as it’s much easier to use (and kind of presents the same thing…) But for dynamic filtering, it’s still left as an option for including specific test cases outside of the filter and the two sides of that form can fight over who gets into the test run if your not careful.