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Request: Test Templates


It would be nice to have a feature where I can store a set of tests in a template that I can select when starting a new run. That way, when I have to do multiple runs that use the same test cases, I don’t have to re-select the same cases over and over.

Thank you!


Hello Mike,

Thanks for your posting. You can implement this by re-running an existing test run. Clicking the ‘Rerun’ button in the toolbar of a test run launches the standard form for adding a new test run but pre-filled with the details of the previous test run (including the test case selection).

The re-run feature is also available for test plans (collection of test runs). Test plans have the additional option to load a previous test plan with the Load Test Plan button on the add form (but which is basically the same as re-running a test plan). I just added the feature request to our bug tracker to add the same button to the add form for test runs.

Just let me know in case anything is unclear.



I was wondering if there is an update on the ability to have test templates.
I would like to have a few templates that could be used in any project e.g. a ‘minimum standards’ test that could be added to each new project to ensure that specific corporate styles are followed.

Thank you


We’re using another approach for pulling “minimal acceptance” tests only. We added a custom checkbox to the test case definition to mark each test as minimal (or not).

When we create a test run, we can filter by that flag, which will then mark and add only those tests which are in the “minimal” category.


I have set up a whole test suite with template test cases. From there it’s easy to use the import function to copy selected to any other suite and optionally to modify the copy.


Thanks for your postings. For test case templates, I would also recommend the approach of keeping a dedicated template test suite and then just copying the test cases over to the actual production test suites/projects (you can copy test cases from other suites with the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog which can be found in the suite’s toolbar; it’s the gray icon with the two sheets of paper).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.