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Request: "Re-run" test cases clearly indicate they are a re-run


Currently, tests that are re-runs copy all info/comments/statuses from the source test case and recreate them in a new test run.

However, that new case does not indicate why. This would require a separate communication with say… someone newly assigned these re-run cases.

Instead, incorporate the “re-run” decision into the case itself by either flagging it in the “comments” section or stamping the cases in some unique way.


Hello Knaledge,

Thanks for your posting. You can always use the test run description to add comments about a re-run (e.g. why the run was executed again). But I agree that some additional context information on the test/case level would help (e.g. showing test results/comments of the previous test run) and we already have some ideas on how to improve this.