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Request: Pushed/linked defect "status" appears in test case/reports


When a new/existing defect is pushed/linked to the test case, the case itself must be checked (viewed) in order to see if any attached defects are fixed/closed/open/etc. (“status”).

Request to aggregate (collect) the status of all pushed/attached defects for a specific case and display their status in multiple areas:

  1. If more than one defect attached: present mouseover tooltip/hover (or modal) that lists each defect and it’s status (each defect is a link)
    1a. Represent the the total for each status a percentage to convey “how many of the attached defects are ‘fixed’? How many are still open? etc.”)

  2. If one defect is attached, the status of that defect is displayed

  3. A separate UI element in the reports/charts are that displays each status (ex: pie chart representing status1(closed), status2(fixed), status3(open), etc.)
    3a. Clicking on each section of the pie chart would display test cases with defects attached which match the status selected


Hello Knaledge,

Thanks for your posting. With the defect plugins, you can already view the (live) status for defects in TestRail by hovering over their IDs:

Displaying aggregated information about defects sounds like a good idea. That said, as TestRail uses live API requests to query the defect tracker for the defect statuses, we need to make sure that getting the defect status information does not influence the page load times (as asking the external defect tracker tools can be quite slow). But I’ve added this as a feature request and we will look into it.



Thanks Tobias!

As a bit of clarification - during demonstration to another executive here today, we created a defect via the “push” feature.

His question was, “How do I see the status of that case we just pushed?”

I showed him what you referenced (drill into the case itself and hover over the defect link).

We both immediately asked “We have to drill into each test case to see the status of related bugs we’ve entered? What if we have a test run of 1000 cases and enter 100 bugs across 80 test cases? We would have to check each case…”


You wouldn’t necessarily need to go to the test page as you can also add a Defects/Defects All column to the test tables to view all defects at a glance. This also supports the same hover/lookup functionality. You can add new columns with the Select Columns dialog (at the right on the table header):



It is great that whenever you hover over a reference link, you see the status of that link, but what would be even better is if you didnt need to hover over it to see the status. If the status could be indicated by an icon or a colorchange of the link then it is easy to get an overview of which references in a list of test cases, that are closed from a development perspective - ie. ready for testing.


Hi Paul!

This is now available for the Defects integration via the new live defect reports for cases/runs/plans/milestones:

We will make sure to look into this for the references as well, thanks for the suggestion!



Hello -

I really want to use the view posted above, but my statuses coming back from Jira are cut off for the bugs. is there a way to expand the width of that column?