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Request for more shortcuts



in case I missed the shortcuts, I would like to see more of them :slight_smile:


  • Cancel any form (< mod >+s does allow me to save, but e.g. ESC does not cancel)
  • Editing a test case in the three-pane view (When having a test case open the three-pane view, pressing ‘e’ will edit the suite and not the that is open)

If there are already shortcuts for that, please let me know



Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting! You can find a full list of shortcuts here:

ESC already works in all dialogs (and cancels the dialog) but using ESC for regular forms/sites as well would be a bit unusual and I guess would confuse some users. Better support for editing cases with the new three-pane view is already planned, happy to add another vote to this feature request!



ESC is of course only an example - any other shortcut is also appreciated. Like

< mod > + s for save
< mod > + c for cancel
or so


Yep, thanks for the suggestion, we will make sure to look into and we are constantly adding new shortcuts!