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Request for improvement: return to last selected test case in table view


As a user, I would like to be returned to the last test case I was viewing so I can easily go back to where I was in the table view and not search for where I just was every time.


Would LOVE to see this sooner than later. For us, it impacts every sprint and every user.


I agree, this is absolutely a must given how easy it is to lose your place after updating a test case.

Just pass the ID of the test case that was updated to the list view. If the test case is visible in that list, auto-select it and auto-scroll to it.

Going arbitrarily to the first case in the list is very disorienting when you clearly had a point where you left off in the test case list prior to doing an edit.

If this cannot be done, my suggestion is to allow editing in the middle panel while in the 3-panel view so you the list view is never lost and thus your current selection in that list is never lost.


Hi all,

Thanks for the post and feedback! The three-pane view is designed to be opened for longer periods to allow streamlining of test execution from one test to the other in the order that the test cases are listed (so that you don’t have to open each test individually each time), or by quickly clicking on any test in the left pane to bring it into view in the middle pane. In general, this works well for most customers however we can see that switching between the view modes can cause some issues as it resets to the top of the test list. We’re happy to review this functionality (when switching between view modes) for a future update to TestRail. You can also see a video of the three-pane view in action on our blog which might help to display the best practice for this view mode:

Hope this helps!