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Request for enhanced attachment support



I would like to be able to use TestRail as the central repository for all of my organization’s testing documents. For example, I’d like to be able to house our final testing report, which is a summarized version of a given test cycle, in TestRail.

However, the only places that attachments appear to be supported are in test cases, and test results.

It would be very handy to be able to also attach files to Projects, Milestone, and Test Plans/Runs.

While links to files can be added to any of those, doing so means we have to maintain a separate infrastructure out on the servers to hold them. I’d rather not do that since we already have the organizational structure we want within TestRail.


Jan Fincher


Hello Jan,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, we’ve got this request before and we understand that this would be useful to have, not only for attaching files to projects, runs etc. but maybe also to have a central repository which you can choose files from (so, e.g., instead of uploading the same files to a lot of test cases, you could just link them from the repository). This is still on our list of things to look into but I currently can’t promise if/when this feature will be added.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



We would also like to request better attachment support. We are going to sub-contract some testing, and it will be necessary to provide testers with some background documentation. It would also be handy to be able to attach requirement docs.

Any idea of a time frame?



Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting. You can already attach files to test cases and test results. For which other places would you like to see support for attachments?



I just wanted to add that I would like to see something like this added as well.

I would like to be able to add attached documents to Test Suites and Test Runs.

For me, I go in and create a test suites for smaller projects contained within a big “Project” in TestRail for one client. For each of these project test suites I admit it would be very nice if I could attach my General Design Docs, Requirements Docs, Coverage & Risk Matrices and things of that sort.

The only thing I would ever need to attach to a single test case or test result will just be image files for proof of testing or test fails.


Thanks for your feedback on this. You can simply include links in the suite/run/plan/milestone descriptions to external files but we understand that direct attachment support would be preferred. This is still on our list of things to look into and I just added another vote to this feature request, thanks!



Hi Tobias,

is this feature available in Testrail 5.0?



Hello Venkata,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail 5.0 won’t have it but it’s still planned to look into this for one of the following versions and we can certainly see why this would be great to have.



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the information. We will wait for it.



It would also be nice to have attachment changes recorded in the history of the test case. so if i add, change or delete an attachment i should see the who what and when of this change in the test case history.


I can see from the attachments table in the database and the files in /opt/testrail/attachment that you manage versions of attachments, which is nice. However, and this may be just me not knowing my way around TestRail, i can not figure out how to view attachment history or their relationships to test cases and test runs.

so my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to view the history of an attachment?
  2. Can I share an attachment amongst test cases and hence runs?
  3. Is there a way to see the relationships of an attachment? That is without manually looking through test cases/runs or using SQL?


Hi Kurt,

Thanks for your posting! I’m happy to help with your questions:

The attachments are currently not part of the history but we are happy to look into this. The database does actually not manage multiple attachment versions, we just use the attachment ID as part of the filename to make it unique.

Sharing attachments or viewing the relationship/linked object is currently not really possible. That said, attachments are preserved/automatically shared when you copy test cases and TestRail would only store a single copy of an attachment in this case. It’s also planned to look into the option of managing attachments via a central repository inside a project (so you can link attachments to cases etc. without the need to upload them multiple times). I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request!



Please add my vote for this feature request. Adding attachments to Test Runs and Projects would be very useful. When I set up a test run, it is associated with a specific configuration file for firmware I’m testing – it would be great to be able to attach this to the Test Run page.

For now, a bit of a clumsy workaround I’m thinking might be for me to create a dummy “Configuration File Attachment” Test Case that I add to each Test Run to attach the file to.


Thanks, Chris, happy to add another vote!

You can also embed screenshots in the description fields (or also add links to external files/attachments), but built-in support for project/run/plan etc. attachments would be great to have and it’s planned to look into this.



Hope this one hasn’t gone stale. I would really like to be able to add files to the TestRun to describe my configuration, the same way chris.dewalt described. Typically a test run (around here anyway) is tied to a software item or bundle of items (a package) which is the same for the duration of the test run. To me, having ‘version’ numbers for the individual test results is not as interesting as the top level package under test (one per run). So whether it’s a software version field at Test Run level, or the ability to add an attachment directly is important to us.


Hi Liam,

Thanks for your feedback! It’s still on our list of things to look into and you can already embed screenshots in the description files or add links to external files. Versions can already be tracked on the test run level with milestones (the Milestone field on the run form) and the upcoming 5.3 will also add support for sub-milestones (so you have an additional level to manage smaller milestones such as iterations or sprints).

I hope this helps!



We would love to have the attachments be part of the history, and be able to see when they were added and by whom. It would also be nice to have a central management section to see attachements by project.


Thanks for your feedback, Jim!