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Request: Avoid needing to click "show all cases" to see the full list


When our suites have slightly more than 150 tests it can be very easy to miss the small number of extra tests that are automatically hidden and require “show all cases” to be clicked.

For now, I’ve increased tests-per-page from 150 to 250 but as our suites grow we will run into confusion again in the future.

It would help if the notification of hidden tests was larger and/or at the top of the page (or really fancy would be to dynamically load more tests if the user hits the bottom of the page :slight_smile: ).



Thanks for your posting. You can either increase the view limit as you did previously (under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface) or switch to the compact view mode. We recommend the latter as this mode is more convenient for larger test suites (and also a lot faster). The view modes can be toggled via the yellow icons in the toolbar when viewing a test suite.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Tobias; I’ll advise people to use the Compact View.


Thanks for the update. That would also be our recommendation. The new TestRail 4.0 version also introduces a hybrid view mode which shows a section and all subsections which is also very useful for larger test suites: