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Request: Add "In Progress" status to addResultStatus dropdown


In some use cases, the user may want to update the status of certain steps within a test case. This would essentially be a progress-tracking method.

However, TestRail currently forces an association of Passed/Failed/Blocked/Retest - all of which are not accurate for a test case that is still “in progress”.

Request to add an “In Progress” status to the addResultStatus dropdown.


Additionally, consider making “In Progress” the default status (and/or allow customization of the status list via Administration)


Hello Knaledge,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail 2.6 will add a new In Progress feature. It’s basically a reworked test timer and independent of the actual test status. A test is considered in progress when you click the Start Progress button (previously Start Timer). The In Progress status can also be added to the standard test tables as a new column and a new window/popup next to the user name (at the top of the page) shows the tests you are currently working on.

That said, customizing test statuses is also on our todo list and has a high priority for us.



Thanks Tobias - I’ll keep that in mind for 2.6

This makes me happy that it is being considered seriously. :slight_smile:


You are welcome!