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Reports to compare projects



is there any chance that we are getting reporting/comparison between projects ? It is very healthy information for MNG teams.

Reports are done for teams and include multiple projects.

I have included some of the screens we do now manually:


One thing why this should be considered is that if business is running huge nr. of project at the same time and have multiple teams working under different projects.

I am managing constantly 15-20 testing projects…




Thanks for your posting. Reports between projects are currently not supported but we are happy to look into this. There are several reasons why reports are only available on the report level and most are related to how flexible/feature-rich the reports are. For example, for many reports you can choose the columns to display, apply filters and lots of other things. The issue is that these features also have support for custom fields and that custom fields can differ from project to project. So, it would be difficult to provide the same functionality with multi-project support.

That said, we understand that reports across reports can be very useful. This feature has been requested before and I’ve just added another vote to the feature request. We will make sure to look into this again for a future version.




if anyone wants any help to run free tool with testrail we have successfully implemented live charts to compare projects and teams work.

Currently for us was important to find out how to measure team performance so we included how many test cases executed under one project.

Testrail is amazing tool that allows to do such things, must say got very exited :slight_smile:

These reports are extremely handy for CEO´s, COO´s and high ranking managers, i hope soon we see these built in as well :slight_smile:



Hello Viljam,

Thanks for the nice words, that’s appreciated. The reports definitely look really useful and the Highcharts component is also used internally by TestRail to display the built-in charts/reports. We will make sure to look into integrating additional high-level metrics into future versions, thanks for the suggestion!



Hi Tobias,

My team currently operates several projects on TestRail. Management has just asked for a dashboard that displays reports across multiple projects.

It appears that this feature is somewhere on a backlog…so a few questions:

Is it on your current roadmap?
Is some sort of work-a-round possible? For example, would it be possible to build a “virtual project”…one that contains no concrete test cases…and then push aggregated test results from multiple concrete projects into the virtual project via the API… The idea being we could provide access to the reporting features in the virtual project, which would act as a dashboard for managers with reports spanning multiple projects.

Any suggestions or other work-a-rounds in lieu of product support for this feature would be greatly appreciated.




Hello Phil,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, it’s still planned to look into this and we plan to work on TestRail’s reporting in general for one the versions after the next one (5.0). Cross-project reports are currently not on the roadmap but there are a few good workarounds to implement such kind of functionality in the meantime.

The best option is to use TestRail’s XML exports or TestRail’s API and generate your own dashboard based on this data. This is the most flexible option and you can fully customize the dashboard and the generated reports this way. I’m happy to provide possible implementation details or strategies if this would be an interesting approach for you. It would be great if you could provide a few more details on what you are trying to accomplish in this case.

Thanks again!



Hi , any update on comparison against different suites/projects?

We have multiple teams created different projects but working on the same product.
It would be great to have a way to combine their status within one dashboard.

Also, in previous post, you mentioned you would be happy to share details or strategies how to do that, so please let me know if you are still willing to do that?

thanks in advance


Hi Sasa,

Thanks for your reply! We still have plans to look into global reporting to allow project comparisons, however we don’t have an ETA/update that we can provide. In general, with the TestRail Server edition you would be able to build custom reports that can query the full TestRail database (including across multiple projects), however this would take some development work on your end. It’s would still only be possible to view these reports within the Reports tab of the project where the report was generated. You can learn more about this on our website here:

I’ve also added your vote to the feature request as well. Hope this helps!