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Reports results



is there any possibility to get zip report result without using email?

We need to do html page with list of weekly reports results (for users without testrail access)
because they don’t want to get emails every week (it’s not prctical) but can see that list of results somewhere.

Can I resolve that problem somehow with available TestRail features (ui script or api or custom reports) ? Or do I have to create special email accout to get result via email and then link it to page?




Thanks for your email. Yes, you can download the ZIP version of a report when clicking on the download icon when viewing a report (the arrow icon next to Create Similar). You could then archive the ZIP in a shared location.




Yes, thanks for that info :slight_smile:
But more, we want to automate this process to not do it manually every week or month for several reports.
So it would be nice if we could download it or save automatically after every report execution.



Then I would recommend using the email option which automatically sends you an email when a new report was generated. You could send this to a special email address and then post-process it. The report is attached to the email (as ZIP) and is the same file you can download via TestRail’s UI.



Thanks one more time. Finally we decided to get zip results with ‘wget’ in script. Email configuration could be very hard due to security privacy in our company.

I have one more questions connected to reports:

very often our scheduled reports don’t finish work. We waited several days and they still had been exexuting. Mostly on reports with ‘All (may be slow)’ option I saw it but I’m not sure it’s only one reason.
Is this problem in TestRail v. (which we use) Maybe update to 3.0.1 should solve it?

I got this message in mail of cron status.




Could you please enable logging and then send us the resulting log file as ZIP?

Please send the zipped logs to our help desk:

You can also look into increasing the memory limit for your installation and this is documented here: