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Reports only showing results from 8 users


When I run a report like Workload Summary, I get results from only 8 users (I’m expecting to see 20). Is the report filtering out certain users? Same goes for the Property Distribution, although in that report, there’s a 9th category of “Others”, which I’m assuming is lumping in all the other hidden users.

What I ultimately want to do is find all the test cases in our Milestone that are unassigned. From my Todo tab, I know there are 95 test cases. The only proposed solutions I’ve seen in the forums is to either click into each test run, and sort by Assigned To (not a realistic solution for us, with over 30 test runs in our Milestone) or to run a Property Distribution report. If there’s an easier way to do this, I’d be happy to hear it.




Hi Tim,

Thank you for your post. Would you mind sending a message to and attach a screenshot of what you are seeing? A screenshot of the report configuration screen showing all of the users you are expecting to see results for and a screenshot of your Users & Roles page would be helpful.


Thanks Marty for your solution. For anyone else encountering this, it is because the report by default only shows 10 test runs. Once I modified this, it showed the data I was looking for.