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Reports of failed cases per user


Before executing a regression sequence(normally before a Beta release), we normally start with the past failed cases to be sure they are not broken. What I would like to have in a report is all the past testcases that failed assigned to a particular assignee. I can’t seem to get that info from the reports.

Basically we need an easy way to:
Locate all the past testruns per user(within a time period), then search for all the failed cases within these testruns and then launch new testruns on only the failed cases.



Hello Domenic,

Thanks for your posting. You can generate similar reports using the Summary report templates on the Reports tab (for example, Summary > Plans, Summary > Milestone or Summary > Runs). The scope of the reports is linked to a milestone, plan or custom selection of test runs. You can configure the status and assignee for the tests as well as activity on the Activity and Tests tabs. Would this work for you?