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Reports not using UI Status %


I have a UI script that calculates the % of Passed with other Status, but on the Reports it is not showing the correct % of Passed. Only showing Passed.

How do i do this? Do i need write a customize report?


Hello Amy,

Thanks for your post! The UI script used in result/progress pages wouldn’t work for the TestRail reports section as these are generated separately. We typically don’t recommend UI scripts to accomplish this for this same reason, as it’s difficult to display the same pie chart with these percentages in all pages/reports. You can look into configuring this as part of a custom report if you are using TestRail Server, and if you’re interested in this option you can have a look at our documentation here:

Hope this helps!


Hide Pie Chart using UI script?

Yes, but can you do custom reports when the site is hosted by


Hi Amy,

Thanks for your reply! Custom report plugins would only be possible with the TestRail Server edition currently. We’re also happy to look into methods for including multiple statuses under a certain category for a future version.