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Reports just hang (3 dots...)

-Using TestRail

-Report generation seems to run indefinitely (3 dots).

-The background task is installed & running every 5 min.

-When a report is initiated, the activity icon (3 dots) go back & forth forever & the report never completes.

-In the php.ini file, the memory limit is 128M.

-This is based on Windows/IIS.


I’m still quite new to TestRail so still trying to get familiar wi/ it going along. Much help will greatly be appreciated.

Hi @ITOpsNW,

Thanks for the post! I see you reached out to us via email and are working with our support team with some additional questions.

For any users who may read this, the resolution to this particular issue is the memory_limit value in the php.ini file. We would typically recommend increasing the memory limit to 512MB, as outlined in our documentation here.