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Reports for Cases


Why reports for cases: “Defects > Summary for Cases” and “Results -> Comparison for Cases” are limited to test suite:

Is it possible to create a report similar to “Defects > Summary for Cases”, but for all test suites, e.g. like “Results > Comparison for References”:


Hi DKim,

The reason for this is that both reports use a N x M matrix based on the cases and test runs and a run is always linked to a single suite (so, a run of suite 1 would not apply to cases of suite 2, for example). We can highly recommend using only a single test suite in TestRail and this makes it much more flexible to create test runs & reports for the entire case repository (and this is also the default mode for new projects):



Thanks, unfortunately, when we created our project we decided to use the third type “Use multiple test suites to manage cases”, according to description, this type of project is more suitable for us.

Probably for the next test pass I’ll try to change the type of project.

Is it OK to do this?
What happen with all our test suites?
Are they will be flattened?
What happen with test result for the first test pass?


Hi DKim,

It’s possible to migrate from multiple suites back to the single-suite again and this requires merging all suites into a single suite (i.e. moving all cases and deleting the suites). TestRail would then use the single suite as the master case repository.

Important: moving cases from one suite to another (in the same project or cross-project) removes all test results in active runs and we recommend considering closing/archiving your test runs/plans before moving cases:

I hope this helps!



Hello, I have a similar question. In baseline mode, can I create summary for defects reports only for the selected sections of the Master test suite? Same thing for multiple test suite mode - we have chosen this mode for projects that have different modules but then again I get a report with all test cases inside (of a suite), regardless of the fact if they were included in a test run or not and it’s too painful to scroll through all test cases to see only the ones that we are interested in.