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Reports based on user activity


I’m looking to get more of an insight on user activity. Would love hourly granularity, not just daily. Tests created, editted, executed…



I’ve been wondering the same. Did you find an answer to this question?




Hi Sheridan,

Thank you for posting! The Activity Summary report in the Reports tab allows you to track changes by day or by month at the moment. Unfortunately, this report does not currently have an option that allows you to track changes by hour. We are happy to review adding support for more time options in a future update and I’ve added this feedback to our feature request for this.

In the meantime, with the TestRail Server edition, it would be possible to build your own custom reports if this is what your team needs. Please note that you would need some experience with web development (for example HTML/CSS/JS) and with PHP and SQL development to create the custom reporting plugins. If you’re interested in this option you can learn more about this on our website here:

For TestRail Cloud edition, if the Activity Summary report does not satisfy your requirements, I would recommend using TestRail’s API to retrieve data and then post-process this as necessary to build your own custom reports outside of TestRail. You can learn more about TestRail’s API on our website here:

I hope this helps!