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Reports based on Test Case attribute


We’re trying to generate a report based on a field on Test Cases. Therefore we want to first filter by the field on the test case (where it equals yes) and then only show the test runs and results for those cases. Is this possible? If we put the filter on test cases, we still get more test runs and results than those associated with the test cases being filtered.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks.


Hello Holly,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, you can use the Results > Comparison for Cases report in this case and this also supports a filter for the cases (on the Test Cases tab on the report form). The report goes beyond the regular statistics for a single run and also supports multiple runs if you want as well as a comparison across runs including case coverage (latest/most recent result).

I hope this helps!



Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried using that report but it’s limited to one Test Suite. Is there a way to execute the report to span across all Test Suites? Each of our Test Suites represent one functional area of our application and therefore we want to report against all test suites. Should we not set up test suites that way?



Hello Holly,

Thanks for your reply! This particular report operates on the suite level and the reason for this is that the runs are linked to specific test suites and it would be difficult to display all possible suite/run combinations in a single report. I can recommend generating a separate report per test suite if possible. How many test suites do you have?

Starting with TestRail 4.0, we added a single-suite mode for projects and we now recommend using a single suite (case repository) to manage your test cases which makes it much easier to generate reports and runs for your entire case repository:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)

You can still separate your cases by functional area in this case but you would use sections and sub-sections instead and this would be more flexible than using test suites. I’m happy to explain how this works in detail if this would be an option for you and your team and it’s also supported to refactor from multiple suites to the single-suite approach.