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Reports as PDFs


Hi there, is it still the case that reports as attachments can only be produced as a bunch of files that need to be extracted by the recipients? i.e. the PDF feature (or report embedded within email) that many users have asked for is still not available in the product?

Many thanks,

Simon the Reporter.


We need the same. As a work-around, from the report, we do a ‘Print’ and ‘Save to PDF’.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your post! TestRail’s report email options currently would include the full HTML version in order to render the full functionality of the report properly. We use this method to provide external users the same experience as viewing the report directly within TestRail. That said, we’re happy to review adding a ‘light’ PDF version or similar in a future update to TestRail. As a workaround, you can always generate the report and use your browser’s print to PDF feature to save this as a report and email this out manually if needed. Hope this helps!



Thanks Marco, the manual workaround is better than the full HTML attachment option, but we really would welcome a PDF feature for scheduled reports in TestRail :slight_smile:


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the feedback! Sure, we’re happy to review this for a future update to TestRail, and I’ve added your vote to the feature request as well.