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Reports are generated later than expected


Not sure this could have any link with the fact that we change the clock last week-end here in Canada, but a daily report that is scheduled to be executing at 8:00AM is now showing up around 10:30AM since monday…

Executing the report as “now” will take about 1-2 minutes, so it is not a report that is taking a long time to execute.

Looking at the current time on the server and it appears OK.

What other factor could affect the report start time and that we should look at?

See attached the screenshot of the windows folder containing the reports where we can see their creation date.


Hello Pierre,

Thanks for your posting! The reports use the time zone of the user who created it (the report owner). Could you please check the time zone of this user as well as the time zone of your TestRail installation in general? You can review those settings under My Settings as well as Administration > Site Settings.



Hello Tobias,

Thanks for following up on this and providing extra information to investigate.

The server where is installed TestRail is currently set with the timezone “(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time(US & Canada)”

TestRail admin page show that it is configured as “Use Server Timezone”, while my account settings are set to “Use Application Default”.

From those perspectives, I cannot see what could be the cause of the delay in the report creation.

But today’s report did take places at 8:00am for the first time this week. I haven’t changed anything yesterday, but maybe looking at things force the system to reconsider the next time to start the report?

I’ll monitor the environment in the upcoming days and will update you if the problem get reproduced.




Hello Pierre,

Thanks for the additional details! “Use Server Timezone” effectively means using the server timezone from PHP. While this should be the same as the actual server timezone of the operating system, this can also be overridden by PHP and you can look into configuring an explicit timezone in TestRail to have more control over this if you see the same behavior in the future.