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Are there no comprehensive Reporting capabilities in TestRail?

I’d need to generate a full report with all test steps, results, etc after a full test run.
This is available in other systems, and I’d say it’s a pretty important feature, actually a showstopper if missing.


I’ll correct myself. The “Print” feature seems to have something useful. However, I’d more like to get a HTML file or something. But a workaround is to print to PDF. Could work…



Thanks for your feedback. The print feature is indeed the best way to generate reports within TestRail for now. Most users use it to generate PDF files. but we are also looking into offering the option to download reports as HTML files. You can also export the raw data to Excel, CSV or XML files and generate your own reports, if needed.

That said, TestRail’s reporting capabilities is definitely something we want to improve in the future and already we have some interesting plans in this regard.



Related question / request: We do collect the test case run times and I’d like to know how long it takes to run a particular suite. I’ve exported to CSV but the report doesn’t seem to output that data.

I wish… that… it did.

Better yet, I’d like to see this in any future reporting facility in the tool.



Hello Donald,

We plan to incorporate time/estimate reports in TestRail eventually (hopefully later this year). In fact, we plan to use both estimates and actual test times to calculate forecasts for how long a test run/plan is going to take. Since TestRail learns more and more about tests over time, we expect those forecasts to be extremely accurate.

However, you could calculate your own estimates in the mean time. It’s true that the CSV files don’t contain the time data (this is because there can be multiple test results for a single test and CSV doesn’t support hierarchies).

We do include test timings in the exported XML files though and you could use this data to calculate the test times. You could alternatively run a database query to get this data. We will look into adding an aggregated time value to CSV files and I have added this to our feature request list.