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Reporting Tests by Test Steps, Not all Test Steps Passed showing in CSV


Hi hope this isn’t posted anywhere.

We are working with 10 tests, but each has upto 20 steps.

I wish to produce a report that says

Tests 30% In Progress

Test Steps;
Test 1 80% In Progress
Test 2 90% In Progress
Test 3 10% In Progress

I can’t find this info in the Reports
And when I go into Test Run, export to CSV no matter what I select the CSV doesn’t have enough “Passed” in it to align with the actual number of Steps set to Passed.

I choose CSV
All Sections, All Fields, All results.

Where am I going wrong?



Hi Stuart,

Thank you for the post. Have you by chance tried something like the Cases - Property Distribution report or perhaps one of the Summary reports, i.e., Summary for Miletones, Plans, Projects, etc.

These may in fact give you what you are looking for in the end. I would recommend taking a look at these and playing around with their configuration options.


Hi Marty
Thanks for your reply
Unfortunately it seems TestRail hasn’t been designed to give Test Steps the same level of functionality as Test Cases

  • Assigning Test Step to different people,
  • Adding Results for each Test Step by different people, without generating a new set of results.
  • Reporting on progress for Test Case AND Test Steps

So I have gone back to the trusty Excel and Pivot tables.
Updating the Test Step results by hand.
Not the best, but the only way I can report on real progress.

Hopefully someone will contradict me and show me where the above is possible.
It’s a shame however this will probably swing us away from TestRail in the future, as we run both
Enterprise, multi step, multi user Test Scenarios, alongside regular Automated CI Tests, and manual one user Test Cases


Hey Stuart,

Thank you for the post. TestRail would not allow you to assign individual steps in a test case to a specific user. You would need to assign the entire test case to the user for them to work on the test case.