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Reporting feature requests


I have another request for reports. When saving to the PDF it would be nice if page breaks we put in at the end of a test case. That way the top of the test case would always be on the top of a new page.


Hi Chuck,

This is already supported for the print views (printer icon when viewing cases/runs/plans/milestones) or do you see a different behavior?



I mentioned, the directly-emailed report doesn’t have to be as pretty as the website. Even a simple table of test results would be fine.
joe root
hr@ Finance Assignment Help


That was the option I went with a few years ago. I wrote a python script that would get the current status of a test plan (or run, or run within a plan), and would include the current status of all of the tests in those plans/runs, and then email it as an HTML table. Our automation jobs call this after the automation is complete.


Ohh, that looks NICE! Good work!


Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback! We’re happy to review a simpler report option (e.g. PDF or similar) for a future update to TestRail as part of the automated email reports. Currently you can still use the print views for any report to save this as PDF and email manually. You can also use TestRail’s API to build a custom report to have this emailed, and thanks for providing an example of how this can work @donalaya!