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Reporting everything under a section


Looking at the different API calls. I’m struggling to determine if it’s possible to parse results according to the test Suites section (and sub-sections) the test cases reside under.

I.e. I have a section that branches to many subsections with cases. I then report on all test case results under that section.


Hello Steve,

Thanks for your posting! You can already implement many reporting needs with the built-in reports from the Reports tab. If you use the single-suite mode for your project(s) (which is the default), many reports will also provide a section filter you can use to limit a report to one or multiple sections. I’m happy to provide possible implementation suggestions if you could provide a few more details about what you are trying to accomplish.



We are using multi suite mode and for one of our suites, we’ve grouped our test cases in coverage sections.

We’ll like to be able to see the summary of:
Elapsed time
Total defects

We also add multiple results over a period of time, per test ID. So one test doesn’t equal one result.

From these sections, we slice up the data with a pivot style table, so we can further review using the different test case and result fields.

Because we use session based testing, the count of testcases doesn’t have much use to us either.

Hope that sheds some like. I was thinking there was a easier way then creating a lookup table were we group our test case IDs by the suite they reside which manually. There should be a more procedural way using the API or a report I’m not finding.


Hello Steve,

For the defect statistics, I can recommend the Defects > Summary report. This would list all found defects for a test suite (not currently per section) but you can fully customize the scope (test runs/plans/milestones). This also works with multiple test results per test. You can find the defects per case on the Defects tab per case, or via the Defects > Summary for Cases report.

The elapsed times would be a property on the test/result level as well and you can use the Summary > Runs with your preferred scope (again, test runs/plans/milestone) to include elapsed statistics + progress and forecasts.

Would this work for you?



I am using the “use multiple test suites to manage cases” mode for my Projects and Test suites. Is it possible to generate reports for only certain sections of a given Test Suite/Run? I don’t see how to accomplish this.

The goal is to have a suite “Automation” with many sections and have separate reports for each section to see how the section’s testing is performing over time.



Hi Kip,

Thanks for your feedback. The single-suite mode would already support a section filter and is also the recommended suite mode for most cases. There’s no section filter for the multi-suite mode because there can be multiple section lists depending on the suite. Have you looked into using the single-suite mode, maybe for a pilot/test project to experiment with?



I have section and has many subsections under it. If I create a regression report, it is showing section wise how much pass%, fail%. But I want to have a graph that can show pass%,Fail% for all the subsections under that section. Basically, from that graphs we should be able to know how much pass%, Fail% for each subsection. Could you please let me know how to get this type of graph? Thanks!