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Reporting at the test data level instead of case level


hi ,

I would like to check with you if testrail offers the reporting at the test case level in the below scenario:

I Have a test Scenario in Specflow which is mapped to a test case in test rail (Ex:1 test case) . I Execute this test scenario with various sets of test data ( Eg: 2 sets) . in specflow it reports it as 2 test cases and report pass/ fail individually .

can this be achievable in test rail ? I see that reporting only at the testcase level . any suggestions are much appreciated.



Hi Prasanna,

TestRail reports are based on the latest (most recent) test result entered as a test run, is by theory a single execution. If errors were made you can enter updated result data but this is still considered a single test. for scenarios where you are running the same test but with different data sets, consider using multiple test runs.

Test runs can be duplicated easily by using the “Rerun” button found in the top right menu.

Also depending on if you are performing all of the same tests but across different environmental variable. You may want to try out using configurations.