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Report with latest status on two test runs

Hi there,

I’d like to use TestRail reporting tools to extract a report with the latest status of tests in two test runs. To simplify, I have:

  • Test run 1: 100 tests
  • Test run 2: subset of 1 with 50 tests (e.g. with a status update).

I want to have a report with the latest combined results. I am currently able to do so by using Results > Comparison for Cases and checking ‘The latest/combined test result for the selected test runs’. HOWEVER, in the report I also get test cases which are not included in any of the two test runs.

Is there any way I can filter these out?
Thanks in advance

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the post! When creating a Comparison for Cases report, you can remove the test cases which are not included in your test runs.

In the ‘Report Options’ section, you can choose the test cases to include under the ‘Test Cases’ tab. Here you can choose the test cases which should appear in the comparison report and filter out the cases which you do not need to review.

Hope this helps!

Hey Jon! Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:
I do see the filtering option you mention. However, I want to filter out the test cases which are not included in the test runs, and I do not seem to find a way to do so. My first thought was to filter by ‘status’, but that’s not one of the fields in the dropdown list.

Any ideas?

Hi Jon,

When using the case selection, you would have to know which cases are included in the test runs you’re comparing, as there isn’t currently a direct option to display only the cases for your chosen test runs.

I will add your feedback to our feature request for reporting improvements, as I do see how this would be helpful when creating a report.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you very much indeed for your help and for taking my suggestion, Jon.