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Report which shows tests executed per day

I’d like to create a report which shows how many tests were executed per day. This could either show in total or, ideally, per user (so I can see how many testers ran how many tests per day). I’ve tried numerous reports but can’t seem to find something appropriate?

Hi there,

Thanks for the post! For a user-specific report of test execution, your best bet would be the Users > Workload Summary report. When setting it up you can choose which test runs or plans to include, based on manual selection or a filter, and in the tests tab you can also set up a filter to only show tests that have been updated within a specific timeframe by using the “Tested On” filter. Once it is run, at the top you’ll see a breakdown of the activity by the users, as well as forecasts based on the number of tests assigned to them not yet completed, and at the bottom you’ll see the tests they’ve updated within the timeframe broken down into sections per user.

Hope that helps!