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Report to identify TestCases which have not been part of a TestRun/TestPlan



is there a way to identify which TestCases have not been part of a TestRun/TestPlan so far. In our projects we create quite a few testcases and we want to make sure that we don’t miss any TestCase when we create our TestRuns.



Hi Ingo,

Thank you for your post and question. TestRail would not include a direct way to see which test cases have not been included in a test run. That being said, you can do something like creating a custom field that includes the version you are testing, or you can leverage milestones to include your test runs with. If you used a custom field instead this custom field could be set in bulk when test cases are added to a test run. That being said, this would only show you the test cases that had been included in a milestone.


Good question, as a new user to TestRail I was looking for this today as well.