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Report showing count of tests executed by team member


I would like to run a report showing how many tests each team member has executed in a given time (week, month, etc). This will help me predict velocity and workload.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for your posting. You can use the Results > Property Distribution report in this case (grouped by Tested By). You can configure the scope (week, month, and so on) via the run selection on the Sections & Test Runs tab.

An alternative to see the workload, progress and velocity is with the Summary reports (per run/plan/milestone), especially their Progress section (or the Progress pages in the sidebar when viewing a run/plan/milestone). This includes a projected completion date, remaining work and a burndown chart.

Yet another option is the Summary > Workload Summary report which gives a good overview of the current workload of users (their todos/assigned tests, including estimate/forecast).

I hope this helps!