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Report showing an eternal spinner when opened


hi All

in the last few weeks i have noticed that some of my scheduled reports seem to be created alright but when opened show an eternal spinner when trying to show the report results.

any idea what could be causing this?



In the above thread there is a link to update the amount of memory PHP can use - either set a limit or set it to unlimited.

Some users have recently mentioned that their really large reports never complete. Not sure how many have set the limit to unlimited and still have the problem.


the report completed, but the completed report when opened does not show any information, just a spinner


Oh - my bad sorry… What are the differences between the reports that work vs those that do not. Anything stand out when comparing report details?


not really, the report is a scheduled report that worked fine last week, and does not now


Hi John,

Thanks for your post! The PHP memory limit is quite low by default, so you might consider increasing this in your PHP configuration file just to see if this is indeed what’s causing the issue:

If the issue still persists after increasing this, we can troubleshoot this via system debug logs. You can enable debug logs, reproduce the error, and then send us the log file directly to so we can review this and help determine the cause:

Please note that you’ll need to disable debug logs after reproducing the issue as these can be quite resource intensive due to the many lines TestRail writes to the logs. Hope this helps!



we have increased the memory limit and restarted the sever and for the time being that seems to have resolved the issue :slight_smile: thanks


Hi John,

Thanks for the update, glad to hear it’s working now! If you run into the issue again in the future feel free to reproduce with debug logs enabled and we’re happy to help troubleshoot.