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Report over custom field in test results



I created a custom field “software version” under “Customizations” > “Test Result Field”.
The tester has to choose a version from the custom dropdown to complete the test.

Now I want to geta report over all testcases which has been tested with a specific software version.

Can anybody help me?



Thanks for your posting. Yes, I’m happy to help. You can use the Results > Property Distribution report on the Reports tab for this and this shows the distribution for the values of your (dropdown) custom field. Just choose the field on the report form (“Group the tests by the following attribute”) and configure the scope on the Test Suites & Runs and Tests tabs.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Hi Tobias,

Did you remove “Group the tests by the following attribute” from the Results > Property Distribution report form?
In our TestRail v. the tests by” option available:

and the list does not include custom fields:


Hi DKim,

We haven’t removed any functionality from the report but we have renamed/shortened the option/label. Custom fields are also supported by this report but they would need to be of type “dropdown” and on the test case level.

I hope this helps!



I have added the Test Case Update Requireddropdown” custom field, but it did not appear in the Grouping list.

Could you provide more detail instruction.



Hi DKim,

You would need to add this field on the test case level instead:



Thanks, in this case this field will be not so useful for us.
I’ll try to find another approach.


Hi DKim,

You can quickly jump from a test to a case and then edit the case to set this field (it’s often a good idea to use browser tabs in this case for the fastest navigation). Managing this on the test result level instead would result in more work and managing this on the case level would be recommended.



If we cannot even compare/filter test result by customized result fields when create result report, almost all build in reports are USELESS at all to us. I would recommended potential Testrail users to notice this.
We might not use Testrail due to this limitation.