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Report Open Run vs. Report Completed Run - List of Tests cut off

When I create a report (Run Summary) for an open test run, the report will include a list a of all test cases.
I close the test run.
When I create a report for the now completed test run, the list of test cases is cut off after ~30 test.
The settings are the same and the maximum number of test to include is high enough.

I feel like I am missing something very obvious. :sweat_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @blablablub,

Thanks for the post and bringing this to our attention.

This actually appears to be a bug in the Run Summary report. If a test run is closed and causes the requirement for ‘Compact View Mode’ when attempting to view all tests in the run, the tests being displayed in the report will not reflect the selection made and will cutoff after a certain number of tests.

I have reported this bug to our developers to look into and address. In the meantime, you would still be able to use the summary details for the report. However, we would recommend not closing a test run unless you have obtained the needed summary report first, as there is not a current workaround or fix to this at the moment.


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