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Report on Test Plan Exposure


I’m new to TestRail and still getting familiar with Projects, Plans, Suites, Runs …etc. My Question is in how to track testcase exposure/execution on a Test Plan.

How do I report on the delta between test runs and test plans to that I can see which test cases have not been assigned to a test run?

I’m might be getting closer: My Project type is Multi-Suite. When I goto Reports->Summary/Plan … Then you can’t select anything since all test cases are contained in Suites. I suspect if I use a Baseline or Single Repository then I could generate that report.

I would like to have a Report-Summary-Plan for the Multi-Suite project.

If someone has been able to generate a Report showing, for their Test Plan/suites, which test cases have/have not been executed please let me know.

UPDATE: I found a link Report on Test Cases NOT run
which gets pointed in the right direction. There is some good information in regards to how keeping a project to track the lifecycle over several releases can impact what is available on reports.