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Report on blocked test cases, with defect #


Hi there,
I’m a new user. How do I create/run a report showing only the “Blocked” test cases in a test run, along with their associated defect number?


You can create a Runs Summary report and on the Activity tab - choose the Status you want to include. In your case it would be Blocked. On the Tests tab you can choose what fields to include on the report.

There are also reports on Defects that might be better for you depending on what you want to see.


Thanks for your help. I have the basic report running now thanks to your input. I just cannot manage to filter out the tests with statuses other than blocked. Even though in Report Activity, I have ‘the following statuses only’ selected, and “blocked” highlighted in the list below - it is still reporting on all of them.

I want the report to show, for a specified milestone:
separated by run, a list of only those test cases with status set to ‘blocked’, with the defects number associated to each of those test cases.



The Runs Summary is the best choice and you would only need to configure a filter on the Tests tab (Status: Blocked). You can then also add the Defects All columns to the grid. An alternative is to do something similar directly in the run by adding the Defects All column and then grouping your tests by the Status attribute (or setting a Status: Blocked filter again).

I hope this helps!



I believe this feature is actually broken.

Like Jotestrail was stating, when you select “The following statuses only:” and select one or multiple items in the Activity tab of the Report Options (This also happens with the default Runs Summary template.), the resulting report will always show EVERY status with no prejudice.

Testrail users are unable to filter specific statuses for reports.


I agree. I just tried this feature and I wasnt able to generate the reports.