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Report help on status changes

I need to run a report that shows the status change of each test within a specific test run e.g. untested > fail > retest > fail > passed, I only seem to be able to report on its final status. I need to show the test and all its status through its lifecycle

Anyone any ideas ?


Hey there,

Thanks for the post! Most of the built-in reports, like the Summary reports, are built to only show the most recent, current results that have been added, and not all results that have been added to the tests over time. This is to make the reports provide more accurate data as to the current state of the testing in that run, rather than give a full history of the run.

There would be a couple of options you can explore that may be beneficial. The Status Tops report is built to show the statuses of all tests within the selected run(s), and will break down the history of the statuses being applied to each test case, grouped by the status itself. This doesn’t show a complete timeline of the results that have been added to each individual test, but is good to see a breakdown of the overall results that have been added throughout a run or selection of runs.

Alternatively, you can use what we refer to as a Print Report, which would allow you to view all the full test run details with all results and test details in a single location. This is not done through the normal “Reports” option, but instead when viewing the run, click the “Print” icon in the top toolbar. When selected, you’ll see the preview of the print option, which by default will be set to “Outline,” showing very basic details, and the most recent statuses applied to the tests. You can switch that to “Details” to see the full details of each test, and all results added over the course of each test. In most modern browsers, rather than selecting the option to print this out physically, you will have the option of saving this to PDF, which can then be shared with your team as needed.

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.