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Report from all test cases ran all over the past year

Hi there,

I’ve a question for all of you, guys, and maybe any of you can help me. Is there any way to get a report of all test cases ran during a all year?

Thanks in advance

Hi Natalia,

Thanks for the post! You can generate a report for test results over a variety of time spans. Depending on the data you need, you can use a Property Distribution, Comparison for Cases, or other results report to gather result statistics for your test cases.

That said, it wouldn’t be directly possible to run a report for all projects in your TestRail instance, so these statistics would need to be gathered on a per-project basis. Please also keep in mind that some reports may become very large and/or difficult to view in a browser if too much data is included.

It would also be possible to use TestRail’s API and iterate through your projects, test runs, test plans, and test cases to collect and consolidate the data you need. Many API methods also have a filter available for a creation and update timestamp which would allow you to retrieve only the data relative to a certain date.

I hope this is helpful,