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Report for Users & Permissions


Is there a report that I can run that generates a list of the users that are active and the different permissions they have within each project? My security team is asking for this.


Hello Jami,

Thanks for your post! Currently, there isn’t a report that can gather this, and you would just need to review this directly within the user management area under Administration > Users & Roles. With TestRail Server, you may be able to use some queries to gather this data (e.g. such as last login time, project access details, etc), however this wouldn’t be available for TestRail Cloud. That said, we do have plans to look into adding support for more details user audit logs, and I’ve added another vote to this feature request.

Please note that accessing the TestRail database should be in a read-only capacity only, as any modifications to the database can lead to data inconsistency which would result in an unsupported database.



Almost a year later now. @mgarcia any updates on this feature request for TestRail cloud?


Hi Avash & Jami - we added the capability to export a user list showing active/inactive status in TestRail 5.4.1.

Additional reporting on their various permissions isn’t something that we’ve looked at yet though. We may consider this in the future if there are further votes for it.



I think it would be a very useful feature for the Tool Admins to keep track of all the users and what projects everyone’s working on.