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Report for cases passed by user


I am creating a script suite that pulls data from multiple different sources into one centralized report. Most of our testing is done on Testrail, and I am running into a few problems.

  1. We occasionally need to have a milestone that has more than one test run. When I generate a report with the milestone selected, it only seems to generate a report for the first listed testrun. How can I generate a report that incorporates all test runs in a milestone?

  2. This is the big question that has me stumped… We are trying to track the amount of passed/failed tickets per user. I thought that the workload summary report was what I was looking for, but that only reports the amount of cases assigned to each user. Is there any way to generate a report that will show the amount of work completed by each user? I have looked around and have not found anything.



Hello Joshua,

Thanks for your posting! Sure, I’m happy to help with your questions:

  1. Which report do you currently use and what you are trying to accomplish exactly? For example, the Summary > Milestone or Summary > Runs also support multiple test runs and you can freely customize the run selection/scope. Would be great if you could provide a few more details here.

  2. Yes, the Workload report is only for the current workload and not for past performance but you can use the Results > Property Distribution grouped by the Tested By or Assigned To instead.

I hope this helps and I look forward to your reply!




Thank you for the quick reply.
I am going to focus on the second question first, since I currently have a workaround in place for the first question. I will continue with that question when the second question is resolved.

I tried to use the property distribution report just now, and it essentially does the same thing. I would like a Tested By field to use, but that is not listed in the dropdown menu. I only see: Assigned to, milestone, Priority, Status, and Type.

I suppose that I forgot to mention exactly how we are measuring, and it would help to know. We assign the tickets to our testers, and the will pass or fail it. We measure the amount of work they are doing by the time estimate on each ticket. Our goal is to count up the estimates on all of the tickets that a user tested and put it into one report. A percentage of completed tests would also work, since I could easily calculate the time with a percentage and the total time.


Hello Joshua,

Thanks for your feedback! The Tested By field was added with TestRail 4.0, so I assume you use an older version, is this correct? (you can see the version on the login screen or in the administration area, for example) We can recommend updating to a newer version in this case:

If updating is not an option and/or instead of using one of the built-in reports, you can also look into using the XML exports to generate your own statistics outside of TestRail.

The Property Distribution report with the Tested By grouping option is also a popular report but I’m not sure if this would cover 100% of your requirements (it basically groups the tests by tester and this doesn’t include the actual estimates or elapsed times).



I know we are running an outdated version, so I will look into the possibility of upgrading.

So I am assuming that the Tested By field will report whoever set the test case to “passed”. Am I correct in that assumption? Does it also do this for tests set to “failed” and “retest”?

We do not necessarily need the estimates on each test case grouped by user. Would a Property Distribution report include the percentage of test cases tested by user? We can work with something along those lines.

Perhaps a screenshot of a Property Distribution by Tested By would help answer my questions about this.


Hello Joshua,

Tested By always points to the user who added the last (most recent) result of a test. So this would include all statuses (passed/failed/retest/etc.) but would not apply to test comments (only for actual results). An example screenshot would look as follows:

(Others would be tests without Tested By attribute, so tests without results)

The report would also include the detailed list of tests after the chart/percentages but this can also be disabled if this is too verbose.

I hope this helps!




That report would work beautifully. I will discuss this and contact yall about the possibility of upgrading. What would be the best email/phone to use for contact?

As for the other issue, I am sure it is likely due to an outdated version.

Thanks for the help!


That’s great to hear, Joshua :slight_smile:

The best way would be via email at Depending on your support plan, you may already be able to download newer/the latest version and we are happy to look this up for you and provide upgrade instructions.

Thanks again!



Hi @tgurock,

I have questions about Workload reports. Is it possible to merge the Assigned To and Tested By into one report?

What our needs are to see the progress of each user of a run in a single interface. Using the methods you describe will take multiple interface, multiple report generation, back and forth.
Also, Tested By lump together all test status.

A simpler solution, i.e. one built-in interface, would be best.
For example, a chart like in To Dos where you can filter by test run status, but using different colors for each status instead of lumping them together.

Would be glad if this can be done, possibly soon.

Best Regards,