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Report by Section & Subsection feature request


It would be nice to be able to create a customer report by the test case section and subsection. If you organize your test cases in a single repository with sections and subsections to classify features or functionality it would be great to see a report grouped by these sections. Example if I have a Regression test plan and a host of test cases listed here, I would like the see the results of this test plan grouped by the test case section.

If this already exists, can you tell me how to create this report?



For further clarification. I just need to see a summary of the results by section and the option to include the individual test case results if needed.

example I would like to know something light this:
Section (Login):
30 test cases
5 Passed
25 Failed



Thanks for your posting! Starting with TR 5.0, the test run page now also shows per-section/group statistics:

It’s also already planned to add a dedicated report to the Reports tab which also operates on the groups/sections and generates similar per-section/group statistics. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks again!



Yes. Please add my vote.

Note there are times when viewing the test cases is useful and times where they just clutter the page. I would be great to have a drill down feature. When I run reports, I first just want to see a summary, then I care about getting into the weeds of individual test cases and their failures.


Thanks for your feedback! It’s planned to look into a dedicated report for this, especially now that TR uses a single case repository for projects by default.



+1 for me as well. Thanks


Added, thanks Simon :slightly_smiling:



Please add my vote to this feature! I have a single repository with 25 sections. It would be great to have a report I can produce with a summary of all the sections & subsections (customisable) with the overall summary chart.



Thanks for your feedback, Derek, that’s appreciated!




I am using Version and would like to know if this version have support to generate a Test report per Section that could provide summary and status of the Test Results per Section ?

Request to add this feature started in 2015 so wondering if you guys have implemented this feature yet ?



Thanks for your reply! We still have plans to add a dedicated report for sections, however we don’t have any timeframe/ETA to provide for this just yet. I’ve added your vote to the request as well!



Thanks marco for the update.
I am trying to work around this issue by trying to generate a report for my current test run and including all test cases but I am running into a problem where report never gets generated. Not sure if this is considered as a bug on your end or a feature that never works.

Please make sure these issues get escalated to your dev team. So far we are liking the tool, however
not able to customize the reports either way is kinda very disappointing to see. All of these issues will go in the feedback at the time of renewal and these limitations could result in searching for another tool that can help us better.



Thanks for your reply! Are you using TestRail Server or TestRail Cloud? If using server, then a report not generating could be related to the background task not configured properly, and you would just need to be sure you have this configured as per our installation guide:

If you do have the background task configured and other reports are generating properly but large ones aren’t, then this would likely just be a PHP memory limit issue as PHP’s memory limit is quite low by default. I would recommend increasing this in your PHP configuration file and trying the report again to see if it resolves the issue:

With TestRail Server, you would also have the option to build/customize your own report plugin if this is mission critical to your team. While this would take a bit of development work on your end, we do have a guide that can help you in getting started with this if you’re interested in this option:

Hope this helps!



Thanks for the suggestion for being very biased to server versions.

We use a cloud versions and really see a need for providing reports that can group by “Sections”. When you can filter tests by “Section”'s, I do not see a reason as why it cant be implemented for a grouping.

Its a pain to actually create such reports manually.


Please add my vote too, but what upsets me is about no timeframe/ETA to provide this. Its been a good 9 months we have been using TestRail and there were any major upgrades in this time period that are actually visible and make a difference in our daily usage.


I would also like to vote for the ability to report by groups and/or sections/subsections.

Could we get some sort of timeframe on this feature. It has been 2 years that this request has been floating out here on your forum.

Any indication that this is something we can expect and when would be helpful for us.



@reagan report enhancements are planned for early 2019.