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Report being created for a completed project without any report set up


Hi All,

i am running into a curious issue,

we create a scheduled report each day to pull some data in our main project, but since about 2 weeks, 2 of these reports are being created, one for the correct project giving us the correct data and one linking to a project that has been completed, does not have any reports scheduled (used to have them before completion of the project).

since these reports are being mailed out each morning everyone receives 2 e-mails, one with a link that is correct and functions and one with a link that errors out. This is causing some annoyance on the Exec’s side.

any idea whats going on and how to fix?


So it had a scheduled report before it was closed - correct? That is how I read the above. If true - then it sounds like you need to go into the closed Project and delete the scheduled report.


there are no scheduled reports anymore for the completed project, that’s so baffling, and as the report owner i know that his report was not ever created for the completed project. it had some reports when it was active but not this one


Is your Test Rail self-hosted or hosted by Gurock? If hosted by Gurock I would contact support directly to see if there is a Report ID in the tables that are crossed…