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Report across all projects in TR account


hi ,

We have cloud implementation of TR with multiple projects created and want to prepare reports as below

• Total number of Test Cases across all projects
• Total number of Test Suites, Test Cases per project,

How can I generate above using the default reporting templates, since the Report tab resides under project ?
If not using the default template, is it possible to generate above using custom reports ?
How can I create a custom report while on cloud implementation ?



Hi Rajeev,

Thanks for your posting. Reporting works on the project level in TestRail but you can simply export your cases/results (e.g. via the XML exports) and then generate your own custom reports outside of TestRail. You can alternatively also create the standard reports per project (one per project).

I hope this helps!



Thanks for clarification.

But can I do the custom report on TR cloud implementation. I see some posts about this. But want to clarify.



Hi Rajeev,

Custom reports are only possible on TestRail Server because this requires executing custom code which is not possible on TR Cloud for security reasons. Even on TR Server, custom reports are rarely used because a) the built-in reports are already very flexible/customizable and b) you can also generate custom reports outside of TestRail by post-processing data you extracted via the API or XML/CSV exports.



I have a need for reports that span across projects too, is that on the enhancement list for the future at all?


Hi Jami,

Thanks for your feedback. We don’t have this on our short term list of features to look into, mainly because projects can heavily be customized and it would be difficult to handle different report options across multiple projects (e.g. one project may have a custom field other projects don’t have). We would either recommend creating a separate report per project (you can also automate this with scheduled reports) or using the XML/CSV exports to create cross-project custom reports outside of TestRail.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,
I would like to add a +1 to this feature request. It would be very helpful to have a portfolio view for reporting, including execution trending, test case populations, etc as described above.

We are currently doing this by accessing the API’s and it works for the time being, but it is unwieldy.



Thanks for your feedback, Chris, happy to add another vote.

Have a good weekend!



I know this was posted a few years ago but it appears that you still cannot report across projects and my company would find it very useful to do so.

My company essentially creates a product that we then allow our clients to customize. We build this core product over 100 times a year so it would be really unwieldy to keep all of our client’s customization tests in a single project.

Therefore, we built a core project for all of the standard tests for our product. Then we create a project for each client where we copy the standard tests from our core project and create additional suites for their customization.

What we really want to be able to do is compare all the standard tests across all projects so we can see trends on which features within the base product seem to consistently have bugs.

Is there an easier way than creating a report for 100 different projects, exporting them all and then trying to do a comparison across them?



I’d like to add a vote for this feature as well. Be able to report across multiple projects.


Another vote for reporting across projects.


Thanks for reaching out Ellie! Your vote has been added to the feature request.


Any chance the reporting capability across multiple Projects is going to happen anytime soon? We are looking at a complete modification of our Test Suites in order to support Reporting. Thanks!
+another vote for the feature request