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Reorganizing current setup and Jira integration


We’ve expanded our QA operation and we are looking to reorganize/restructure our current TestRail setup to better match our Jira, and also add new departments who are going to utilize TestRail too. Our Jira integration is almost complete. This restructuring is supposed to amplify formal reporting efforts in preparation for a future external audit.

Current we have it set up with our projects organized by each section on our ecommerce site (Storefront, Mobile, Sanity Testing, etc.) and within in each project we have relevant test cases. Right now for each Jira ticket I create a testplan within each project and then create runs within each plan.

Management is requesting that we now restructure TestRail by each board on Jira, and within that project QA tests for each Jira ticket. So for example we would have a Project for Developers, Business Ops, and Marketing. The plan is then to nest each Jira ticket within each project.

What would be the best way to facilitate merging all my current projects into one giant project? And also move all test cases into this one giant project folder?



Hello Marti,

Thanks for your posting! Sure, happy to help. To move cases between projects, you can use the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog:

(which can be opened via the little icon with two sheets of paper on the suite/case repository page)

If you plan to have one large repository, I can recommend using the single-suite mode (as opposed to multiple suites which you may use now) and this can be configured on a per project-basis:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)

To move or copy cases, go to the target suite / case repository, open the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog and select the source project/suite. You can then select the cases to copy/move.

Please note: Moving test cases will remove test & results in all active test runs so you might either consider closing your current test runs & plans in the other projects. Or, you can look into copying the cases instead and leaving the old projects unchanged.

When working with large case repositories, we also recommend switching the view modes on the Test Cases tab (to only show the cases of the current group, with or without possible subgroups):

Regarding JIRA: have you already set up in the integration between TestRail and JIRA? You can link cases and results to issues in JIRA via the References field (test cases) or the Defects field (test result level). The integration allows you to view/add JIRA issues directly from TestRail and our add-on on JIRA’s side makes test cases/results & reports visible in JIRA:

I hope this helps and just let me know in case anything is unclear or if you have any further questions!



Thanks so much for your help and suggestions! :slight_smile:


You are welcome, Marti, and please let me know in case any questions come up :slight_smile:

As I mentioned, I would recommend evaluating the option of copying the cases (instead of moving) and leaving the original projects as is and you can also look into evaluating the single-suite project mode with a simple test project first.



Hi Tobias,

We are currently using the latest version, how do you apply the single-suite mode?

I’m a little confused about single-suite vs multi-suite. Currently we have one dashboard with multiple projects folders, and within each project we have test plans that contain our test runs.

My tabs within each project look like this:


  • Marti


It is part of the project setup in the Administration section.


Thanks for the help!



Hello Marti,

It looks like you already use the single-suite mode (which is also the default now) so you are all set.