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Renaming test cases in test suite without renaming previous runs


I’d like to be able to rename a test case in the test suite definition without affecting previous runs of that case in existing test runs.

When I rename a test case in the test suite definition it appears to change the name of that test case in all previous runs of the test suite.

I’m using
TestRail v4.0.3.3270

A specific example is a test suite that we have called “Desktop Explorative testing” which contains a test case “Internet Explorer IE 8”. When we click “run test” we add the date into the name, e.g. Desktop Explorative testing 2014-11-20. Some of those previous runs were performed on IE 8 Windows 7, but we’re interested in Windows XP. When I tested IE 8 I’d use Windows XP, but another person used Windows 7.
I tried to update the name of the test case
"Internet Explorer IE 8"
"Internet Explorer IE 8 (use Windows XP if possible)"
but that changed the name of the test case in all previous runs of the case. I’d like new runs to use the new name and old runs to stay the same.

Is this possible? If so, how do I go about doing it?


Hello Steve,

Thanks for your posting. Changes to test cases and test suites are automatically propagated to all test runs/plans that are still active. If you have old test runs/plans that shouldn’t or mustn’t be changed, we recommend closing those test runs/plans (using the little lock icon when viewing a test run/plan). Please note that this archives a test run/plan and prevents future modifications (this also includes adding additional test results). You can learn more about this feature here:

As an unrelated note, I would also recommend looking into using configurations to manage different configurations or environments for your test cases (including operating systems or browsers). You can learn more about configurations and test plans here: